We offer art experiential sessions and clinical art therapy for individuals and groups. The aim in these sessions is not to learn a technique or create a masterpiece, but to foster a sense of wellness through art-making. Customised corporate art experiential sessions focusing on team building and wellness is also available upon request. We offer face-to-face and online sessions, as well as onsite/offsite and outdoor as required.

We run free art introductory sessions every now and then. WhatsApp us at +65 8112 9997, or email us at RuahYHWH.fire@gmail.com / click / scan the QR Code below to register for future sessions/free 15-minute trial (online).


I had an enriching and enjoyable time meddling around with clay and drawing at the session “Coping with Anxiety through Art”. As for the turtle I saw in my doodling, I thought of “Turtle Tango” – even when I’m slow I can still dance and enjoy the process with the One Who dances over me! – Lay Leng, 2022

The art therapy session on anxiety raised my awareness of how I could not even let go of the control that was causing issues in my life. I managed to take baby steps and started to see hope – Annie, 2022

I was amazed that the Holy Spirit appeared in my artwork as represented by a dove as I started to let go. I experienced newfound freedom during the session. – Pat, 2022

Thanks for the session today, it is an exercise on spirituality – Josh, 2022

I truly enjoyed myself with the bonding and waves of laughter during the session! – Ms P, 2022

Thanks Veon for the online art therapy family bonding session “Come Play with Me!” My child and I enjoyed it very much. I did a drawing and saw the burning bush. I pray that may we all have our own “burning bush” experience. – Mark, 2022

Veon worked with some of the children whose lives were changed for the better. Art therapy allowed them to process traumas from their dysfunctional families and provided a space safe for restoration. – Cecilia, 2021

Thank you for guiding me on self-portraits through art therapy. I saw how my self-identity was transformed over a few months. I feel more stable and am now able to manage stressful situations better. – Addy, 2020

Selected Workshops / Sessions

Please contact us directly for a private individual/group session. Do note that some sessions are heavily subsidised by private sponsors for people in need. Below are some of the promotional rates for group introductory sessions. No art experience required.