The subconscious or unconscious material residing in us may possibly be holding us back from leading really purposeful lives. Sometimes it helps by communicating things to us, or making figurative allusions. It has other ways, too, of informing us of things which by all logic we could not possibly know. Art psychotherapy has its way of bypassing the left rational brain to access the right emotional brain for one can explore, discover and process underlying concerns in an abstract manner.

Art is an eminently suitable non-verbal medium for the expression of difficult emotions as it tends to engage clients in a non-threatening manner. This may lead to insights, which may in turn lead to reconciliation and the restorative identity of the self and client’s relationships.

An art therapist who is present and attuned to the client can create a safe therapeutic space for exploratory and spontaneous creative play. She serves to witness, hold and contain the client’s pain. She will journey with the client, according to his or her pace to process certain aspects of the client’s life. Art psychotherapy may enhance the acceptance of the self, and of others, bringing forth a new mindset of letting go, performing closures and reconciliation while one tries to live a meaningful life.